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Our future. Respect it and support it.

Smart Garda Lake

The subject of sustainability, declared on various fronts and debated in various locations, is undoubtedly one of the most important topics of recent years. There is talk of sustainable development, policies regarding climate sustainability, of the planet, of the environment and of those who live it, of the different species that create biodiversity, up to the hope of economies with sustainable productions and, also, a tourism qualifiable as sustainable.

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To achieve sustainable development it is important to balance three fundamental elements:

– environmental protection
– economic growth
– social inclusion

Within this framework, the Smart Garda Lake© project takes shape. The Project combines sustainability and technology by nurturing a true smart land vision.
For those who live and reside in the area, for those who visit occasionally or frequent it as an experiential and attentive tourist.
For those who hold the role of decision makers and are responsible for governance.

Breathe clean air, contain noise pollution, limiting CO2 emissions, or take advantage of smart parking solutions, rather than bike sharing services and, in the not too distant future, electric vehicle charging stations.
Have smart bills available that allow us to know real-time usage info.

These are only a few of the many possible innovations that a territory can adopt if it fosters a smart culture and funds resources for technological development.
Step by step, he sensitive and knowledgeable tourist is more appealed to choose every year the Lake Garda as a destination, Hinterland and Parks, and is increasingly careful (it is a growing trend) to the quality of the place they visit as well as the experiential offer and the Made in Italy trade mark that states it.

Sustainability becomes a competitive factor and leverage for a modern territorial marketing strategy.

Information – valuable resource – bounce on the network and in the network and touch down on each of our smartphones. Citizen or tourist alike. Glad to have the world always close at hand.

The benefits of this project lie in the perspective of enhancing a territory by virtue of its documented sustainability, that is, in view of indicators in line with Sustainable Development Goals set up by:

  •   – the United Nations
  •   – European Union and
  •   – the Italian National Institute of Statistics
    • Therefore the main references are the measures of Equitable and Sustainable Wellbeing (BES), on which the Italian National Institute of Statistics is working on and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set up by the United Nations.
      Similar indicators have also been stated by the World Tourism Organization and other international Authorities that wave a flag for sustainability. A realistic way to meet many information needs and account to their citizens about the quality of the territory in which they live, or may wish to live.

A Gradual Path for the benefit of future generations.


Smart Garda Lake is going to start from the territory of each municipality that will - gradually and voluntarily - take over the project and to share its vision.

Concretely, the steps that will enable the creation of smart solutions, in particular measuring the quality of the territorial landscape, may be undertaken by deploying the street lighting infrastructure. An asset widely spread through-out the territory that, conveniently equipped with diagnostic sensors will be able to monitor the environmental conditions under different profiles: PM10, humidity, flooding, noise pollution, water quality, traffic flows, ... and to develop a dashboard of indicators which can gradually be increased and improved.

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A simple design that will not entail high outlays because it finds its primary sustainability in energy saving, for example drawing on the resources that the authorities already allocate to cover the cost of electricity, often inefficient due to an obsolete network.

The public lighting infrastructure becomes an asset on which to base smart technology for the benefit of sustainability and for the effective broadcasting of open data to be converted into information.
An intelligent way to make the best use of the available resources.
A path – step by step – to the smartland.
Advantages and benefits for citizens and tourists.

If the territory is good for citizen, il will be it to tourist too


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