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Somebody has to start. From a dream.


First of all we are sensitive and wishful thinking people. The right amount. The amount required to set in motion energy and passion, and to develop the dream project of a sustainable and smart territory.

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We love the territory in which we live and we are convinced that it represents a treasure for the whole country.

Garda Lake, from the hinterland to the neighboring cities, is an area of great economic and socio-cultural interest.
It is a strategic source for the local economy and for GDP.

Sono una fonte strategica per l’economia locale e per il PIL.

We are policy makers, executive employees, Common Citizens, Smart Issues Experts, Academics, Consultants, Project Managers, Teachers
If you need a name, we’ll give you three:

1. Silvia Viviani, President of INU – Italian National Institute of Urban Planning – Italy

2. Giovanni Peretti, Mayor of Municipality of Castelnovo del Garda (Verona – Italy) and President of Garda Association of the Environment – Italy

3. Stefania Zerbato, Smart City Project Designer – Italy